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Canada's newest Sport Architecture Practice is arguably its most experienced. JSA Sport Architecture Inc. (“JSA Sport”), formed in 2013, is the culmination of over 30 years of sport facility consulting and design activities in the Canadian and foreign markets by the firm's Principal and founder, Robert J. Johnston and its key team members.  

The firm's roots can be traced back to the mid 1980's when Bob Johnston formed Robert J. Johnston and Associates Ltd., a sport and recreation consulting firm.  The original company grew and transitioned into Johnston Sport Architecture Inc., a sport-only architectural design and sport facility consulting practice that was registered to practice throughout Canada.

In 2001, Bob Johnston merged his 32-person firm, Johnston Sport Architecture Inc., with Cannon Design, one of the world's largest Architectural design practices.  By merging, Bob Johnston became the National Sport Practice Leader for Cannon Design and was able to retain all of the sport expertise resident in Johnston Sport Architecture Inc. as well as recruit new and exceptionally talented architectural design and technical professionals into the new sport practice at Cannon Design.

In early 2013, a new sport architecture and consulting firm, JSA Sport Architecture Inc. was formed and included many of the talented and experienced sport architecture practitioners that worked with Bob Johnston at both Johnston Sport Architecture Inc, and at Cannon Design. This blend of experience and skill in the sport marketplace is unique in Canada and offers clients unsurpassed knowledge and expertise with the operational and managerial flexibility and agility that allows for responsiveness and personalized collaboration.    

JSA Sport. is recognized both nationally and internationally as a leading a pioneering for in Games facilities planning, the design of sports facilities that meet the requirements of staging international sports and Games events, as well as the training and performance demands of professional and amateur athletes at training facilities, recreation centers, and competitive event venues worldwide. 

As an international leader in sport architecture, JSA Sport is considered a world-class authority on the programming, design, and construction of sport, recreation, high performance sports training, sports medicine, wellness, and kinesiology research facilities. 

Large, expensive, and complicated, high performance sports facilities are quite challenging projects. Many expectations, including those of athletes, must be exceeded. To achieve success these project’s demand exceptional effort from an entire project team. 

Similar to elite athletes, JSA Sport and our design team members see these challenges as our inspiration to achieve the highest levels of performance and achievement. We achieve these levels by finding simplicity in the complex.  The true mark of success comes from those who celebrate the facilities by visiting, using, and operating them. Our buildings are stimulating and exciting. Applying the design mantra of “bright, open, and airy”, they inspire user participation, beckon first time users to experience the activities within, and continually attract return visits by committed sport and community users.  

In addition, our expertise and knowledge are demonstrated by our memberships in national international sport organizations, such as:

  • IAKS (International Association for Sports and Leisure, Cologne), Germany

  • UIA SLWG (Union of International Architects Sports and Leisure Building Work Group), London, England

  • ISSS (International Association for Sports Surfaces Sciences), Vienna, Austria

  • Royal Architectural Institute of Architects


  • American Institute of Architects​ 

In this way, we remain leaders in the development of new knowledge and ideas. We are able to provide our clients with current knowledge as well as an understanding for future trends in the sport and recreation industry.​