Robert J. Johnston - Project Principal/Senior Consultant


Adler Arena


General Consultant

As General Consultant the consulting team was responsible for reviewing the general design and planning of the Olympic Oval as developed by the Russian design team. We were also responsible for the planning and design of the interiors of the Oval to meet the requirements for staging the Olympic long-track speed skating event.

As an initial scope of work, the Robert Johnston led sport team at Cannon Design conducted a functional review as to ascertain and confirm that the building design, as developed by the Russian design team, met the minimum requirements, as mandated by the IOC and the ISU. In general the work consisted of a functional and spatial review of the design. This review included an assessment of the areas, space allocations, locations and space relationships of required areas within the Olympic venue. Specifically, it consisted of a review of the Field of Play and spectator requirements and then a review of the Venue Plan documentation. 

Subsequently, the team was retained to design ‘signature’ spaces within the venue, including spectator zones and concourses; cafe and restaurant areas; athletes zones including the main Oval competition hall; media areas including media work room and broadcast areas; Olympic Family areas; and competitions management and ceremonies zones.​

*Work completed by JSA Sport Architecture Inc. personnel while employed by Cannon Design




​​Construction Technology Transfer Center of Krasdonar Region "Omega"


Sochi, Russia