Al Charron Rugby Canada Training Centre






​​Rugby Canada/City of Langford




Victoria, British Columbia

Named after an icon in Canadian rugby, the new Al Charron Rugby Canada National Training is the home to Rugby Canada’s national teams for both men and women. A landmark building in the delivery of Canadian high performance sport, the national training centre will also support the training needs of other high performance amateur athletes in the region.

​The new national training centre has been designed to create the best daily training environment possible, centralizing all the necessary aspects of high performance training. The centre features a 6,750 sq. ft. state-of-the-art gymnasium featuring elite strength and conditioning equipment, onsite therapy with 8 treatment beds a private and treatment room (?), hydrotherapy pools with both hot and cold water spa tanks, locker rooms, meeting rooms set up for team meetings and video analysis, on-site kitchen and dining lounge, and three double occupancy bedroom studio units. To build on the legacy of rugby in Canada, the facility will also feature the Rugby Canada Hall of Fame and Museum.