Regional Design Documentation (On regional or area drawings)

Transportation Routes and Drop-off's for each major constituent group

Vehicle Screening locations

Area Parking

Rail Stations

Service Routes

Street, Road and Lane Closures

Ceremonies (Olympic Stadium Only)

C.1 Ceremonies Compound

Event Operations

General layout (block form, in appropriate size and location) of compounds:

E.O.1 Event Operations

E.O.2 Staff Check-in

E.O.3 Competition Management

E.O.4 Technology

E.O.5 Logistics

E.O.6 Site Management

E.O.7 Food and Beverage Services

E.O.8 Merchandise Storage

E.O.9 Cleaning and Waste Management

E.O.10 Transportation

Parking Areas for constituent groups


E.O.11 Security Compound


Sr.1 Seats and/or Viewing Locations

Sr.2 Concessions and Restrooms

Sr.3 Spectator Transportation Drop-off's and Rail Stations

Sr.4 Parking Areas

Sr.6 Spectator Entry

Spectator route from transportation to Stadium Gates

Other: Location of Scoreboards and location of Video Board

Other: Gates - Magnetometers, Ingress Area and Egress Area


Sp.1 Sponsor Hospitality Facility (if included)

Sp.2 Sponsor Bus Parking or Drop-off

Sp.3 Sponsor Entry

Sponsor route from transportation to Stadium Gates


S.1 Field of Play

S.2 Athlete Dressing Rooms

S.3 Athlete Warm Up 

S.4 Athlete Practice Area

S.5 Location of Scoreboards

S.6 Location of Timing and Results

S.7 Athlete Medical

S.8 Athlete Transportation Drop-off

S.9 Athlete Entry

Athlete route from transportation to Dressing Rooms

Other: Special features of specific sport


M.1 Media Sub-Center

M.2 Press Positions

M.3 Mixed Zone

M.4 Media Transportation Drop-off

M.5 Media Entry

Media route from transportation to Media Sub-Center to Press Positions


B.1 Broadcast Compound

B.2 Commentator Positions

B.3 Main Camera Stand

B.4 Mixed Zone

B.5 Commentator/Media Transportation Drop-off

Broadcaster route from transportation to Commentator Positions

Games family

G.F.1 Games Family Seats of Stands

G.F.2 Games Family Lounge

G.F.3 Games Family Transportation Drop-off

G.F.4 Games Family Entry

Games Family route from transportation to seats

Games Planning: Scope of Services Available:

JSA Sport Architecture is able to assist a Bid Committee in a number of ways, as deemed required and/or appropriate, including:

  • Reviewing venue and facility site options and assisting the Bid Committee in selecting appropriate sites (for new construction) and facilities (existing) for Games sports facilities
  • Providing recommendations to the Bid Committee on the site and venue selection for Games sports events and Athlete Village(s)
  • Reviewing and analyzing all sport and event staging requirements, as based on stated international sport governing body standards
  • Assisting and representing the Facilities Committee during the visit and tour of the International Olympic Committee Bid Evaluation Commission
  • Developing the sports facility design (new facilities) options and venue plans (new and existing facilities) for all sports under consideration. In preparing facility venue plans, the following functional and operational zones will be indicted in all sport venue plans produced: